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Plant Sims

A new Occult life state in The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack.

To turn into a PlantSim

A Sim that eats a Forbidden Fruit will get the 4h Botanitis Minorus moodlet, which costs $3000 Simoleons to cure at the Science Lab. If not cured, the Sim turns into a PlantSim.

To become a PlantSim, a normal Sim has to have to eat a forbidden fruit, or be turned into one by being a science experiment while at University (20% chance).


No Hunger!

No Bladder!

No Hygiene. Instead of Hygiene they have Water. They do not need to take baths. They CAN take baths or showers, though this is slower to refill Water than Photosynthesize. The squeaky clean moodlet from showering becomes the Well-Hydrated moodlet.

They do not need to Sleep but CAN sleep in beds. This is slower to refill their Energy than Photosynthesis. They do benefit from Good Night's Sleep moodlet from a bed,

They can Photosynthesize when outside in the daytime (click the Sim). This takes an hour, over which they gain both Energy and Water.

Also if they get rained on, (assuming you have Seasons) the Water need is filled.

To Grow a PlantSim

Sometimes the seeds are available; a Sim with good Gardening skill can grow them. Use Tend Garden if you want guaranteed fruit to change an existing Sim, as Harvest always gives babies.

To get a forbidden fruit seed you need the science skill: it comes from gene splicing. Some seeds will not work for splicing.

Woohoo with a PlantSim, in a mod free game, always seems to produce a seed.

Harvesting a fully grown Forbidden Fruit Plant will result in the Sim harvesting a baby PlantSim, which will look like the Sim that picked it. Otherwise there are no genetics apart from green skin, leafy hair.


Seeds that the Science Machine does not accept as seeds

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