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Century House

A residential lot, loosely inspired by the wonderful Century Hotel in Antwerp on the Pelikaanstraat. It could be made into apartments but as I don't play that way, I haven't.

I had all the EPs and all the SPs installed. It certainly needs a window and possibly some wallpapers from Roaring Heights.

Very sparsely furnished.

It has four main floors, fireplaces for cold weather, a usable roof reachable by ladder, and balconies, a double garage set well back from the road, a basement and a sub-basement. Plenty of land for gardening, farming, tractors, horses, butler or granny flats. The basements and all main floors can be reached by lifts.

And there are efficient fire-escapes.

You may wish to add more internal walls to make more bedrooms, but this house could easily take 8 Sims.

Sub-basement would work well as a nectar store. (Nectar kept below ground appreciates in value.)

This house is built on a 50 x 50 lot.


Cost: §117,725 barely furnished


Sita July 26, 2016