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The Allmenus Cheat

This powerful cheat requires a little editing of the config file, but is harmless.

Open with Notepad or a similar text editor (I use Dreamweaver) the following file. AFTER you backed it up.

Program Files\EA Games\[Your Latest Expansion Pack]\TSData\Res\Config\GlobalProps.xml

Add this line <AnyBoolean key="testingCheatsEnabled" type="0xcba908e1">true</AnyBoolean> including brackets.

This will cause the Testing Cheats to be on 100% of the time. You will not be able to turn off the Testing Cheats from within the game even if you enter "boolprop testingcheatsenabled false".

This disables Free Will.

Start your game as normal.

Enter Cheat Box and type allmenus on

Can be turned off with allmenus off.

If it's working, ie in proper debug mode you'll see the version number in the top right-hand corner of the screen

Many of the Testing Cheats require that they be turned on at the time the object in question is loaded. That's why you have to turn them on at the neighborhood screen.

This "allmenus" gizmo might require that they be turned on at the time the game is loaded; that is, at the time the menus are first loaded, which is why we have to edit the file.


You can now use further cheats.


May conflict with some other cheats. For instance conflicts with JMP's Skillinator.