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Incentives given out with various EPs for preordering, and other Maxis Monkey goodies. Since no Sims 2 pack is going to be preordered now, and the whole Sims 2 website has been removed, I am adding them here in the archiving spirit of SimEchoes.

Most of these need only the base Sims 2 game to work.

Open For Business
Family Fun Stuff  
Glamour Life Stuff  
Pets The exclusive bonuses for Pets weren't downloads, but unlockables. They were three different new species for your pets; a Bandit Cat, a Purple Pug and a Star Dalmatian.

Unlockables Codes:
Star Dalmatian: TB6IPB1R1FDMRIQT6DG

To use them, click options, click game options,click the key symbol at the bottom of the screen, and click the key symbol in the window that opens.

Happy Holiday Stuff
H&M Stuff

Double Deluxe and 1 Million Sold

Becka halterbuckle | Cooper cumberbund | Madeline mermaidgown | Jack clubshirt



Bon Voyage

Painting_GiantMap | Kara hula | lamp_floor_lanternrock

Anna hatvisorbrim | Dave hatsouvenirtropics

BV Lost Outfits recovered by Lord Darcy

Teen Style Stuff
Seasons   Raincoat, swimsuit, wooden swing, trellis
Free Time


Apartment Life
Kitchen and Bathroom

updates for all K&B stuff to give Pets functions, by Lord Darcy at MATY 

Double Deluxe Bonus Items


100 million sold outfit Maximum Maneuvers Collared Shirt
Alienware PC

Dr Darkus at Mod the Sims 2 made an updated version to work correctly with the latest Expansion and Stuff packs.

It should work with just the base game, but obviously without the special actions from EP's and SP's. And it's an override from the original one, so you just need this version on your "Downloads" folder.

Spooky Set

Spooky Set Hair
Spooky Set Clothes
Spooky Set Objects
  Max-3D Topiary-Trogdor