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Please do contact me

Please note

If you want to chat about these games, you can find me on Simblesse Oblige, for Sims 1 mostly. For Sims 2 and 3, I am often on a very helpful, friendly forum,  , another very nice place, or More Awesome Than You, less "nice" but useful, where I am proud to be featured in the Tarderdome! (On all of these I'm called Sita, my online name.)


It appears that my email address may be being spoofed. I received a nasty Trojan in an email message to myself this morning. PLEASE - if you get email from, do NOT open any attachments. I will NOT send files as attachments from this address.

You can still write to me at sita@simechoes. But you can also use my alternate email address,

I would love to hear from you!