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Wild Palms: The Race

Oona finally handed over rulership of the Sunrise Retirement Home and married Simon Wolf, moving to his small house on the pier in Wild Palms.

They set off for a holiday. She needed to take some crocodiles - but those were in Egypt? Oops. Booked the wrong country again! Next time, then. If there was a next time. They were both feeling their age. Nonetheless Simon managed to do some quests.

Night fishing was what they liked best.

Back home, Oona set off into town to visit a distant acquaintance. Motoki Mo, who had recently moved into Wild Palms.

"Large house, recently rennovated, children and wife is pregnant. Might be in need of some ready cash."

"Good to see you again! So, I heard you make potions and might be willing to sell me one, for the right price?"

In Motoki's basement laboratory.

They agreed a price of §10,000 for a Young Again potion.

"Take it now," Motoki encouraged her. "You'll feel better immediately!"

"Wow, it's better than a body tuck. And less painful! Mmmm. Child-bearing hips. Maybe another baby?"

"And all the fillings in my teeth have healed up!"

"Goodness Gracious Me! Maybe I won't have a baby just yet - got to get out - fresh air..."

Feeling great, she and Simon headed for the gym.

"I feel so good, I'm challenging the whole GYM to a race!"

"I won!"

"Never could keep up with you, Oona." Simon slid off the treadmill... and died.

"Help! Help! DO something! This shouldn't have happened! He's so fit!"

But there was nothing to be done. Although Simon had been far fitter than Oona, he was indeed gone.

House-hunting again.

"Everywhere I go there are GHOSTS!"

So she's single again. Heading out for some plastic surgery - well, at least a new look from the Salon - and a new wardrobe. She has developed a wish for a Bachelorette party? And why not?


Time for a new look.