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Craigs in Wild Palms

Jeromy and the boys moved to Wild Palms. He bought a pretty house, La Casa at 86, Senora Street: it needed redecorating but was quite a bargain. Jezzer decided to try his hand at Mixology, while Dewayne wanted to be in the Fortune Teller Career, like his mother. Sadly, there was no such thing here. So Jezzer bought a caravan for him to work from, arranged parking for it near the shops in a downtown area, and he started work. There was a problem with this house though, it seemed to have a firebug.

Many many fires started. Even when the fireplace was not actually lit! Spooky stuff. Eventually Jezzer had the fireplace and chimney completely removed. Fires still started regularly. Jezzer wondered if it might be caused by Burble's ghost.

Ice Blast spell on Imaginary Frind produces THIS! Who knew?

Is she really that fat?

It was rather a leaky statue in the warm climate of Wild Palms.

Not many have a chance to really look at themselves in such detail.

Encouraged by the novel statue, Jezzer worked hard on potions until he got the right one.

And right in front of the now partially melted statue, Dewayne gave her the potion.

It was already clear there was only one woman for Dewayne.

"I wish you wouldn't watch me when I'm working out."

"But I like watching you."


"You can't do that. I'm your son."

"Step-son. Your father was some guy called Marx, remember?"

"I never knew him."

"Your Mom was pretty evil."

"Father or not, stay away from me, or I'll have you put in jail!"

"Oooo touchy touchy." But he did back off.

Cosmo amused herself by gardening.

And making zombie traps.


The world is by CTNutmegger.