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The Presleys

Now a Rock Star.

Particularly after Nathan came home and found him in his wife's bed. And beat him up for it.

Elvis finally managed to buy a Young Again potion for his wife from Motoki. They decided to make a new start in Venice.

They had a small walled garden. Elvis had the garden wall made higher, trying to keep Scooby in.

Elvis startled him by creeping up on him.

Continued Later: Venice Lagoon 2

Notes and Credits

"Once upon a time there was a lagoon in the Simiterranean Sea. The islands in this lagoon had been settled by desperate villagers fleeing the warlike era in which they had been born. The city they built eventually turned into a grand nation of shipbuilders and traders who ruled over the neighboring lands with an iron fist and a lenient democracy. However, with the passage of time the great nation fell into ruin and, being nothing more than a marshland overloaded with heavy cement and buildings, it slowly sank beneath the waves to be forgotten, falling from the pages of history into the realm of mythology.

Move forward many decades, and we are introduced to a rather unique family from the ordinary town of Sunset Valley. The Emperor of Evil, Leofric, his brother, Leofwine, his sister-in-law Godiva and nephew Wulfric. Leofric was quite insane, childish, and emotional. Given to whims of fancy he would often add on to his house in odd and rather architecturally demanding ways. Leofwine, who was also the Leader of the Free World was constantly worrying over his little brother.

One day Leofric awoke in a panic. Running to his basement his worst nightmare had come to pass: it was flooded. There was water everywhere.

Leofwine and Godiva tried to convince him that it was not his basement that was flooded, but the swimming pool he had built next to the house. A large window allowed one to view the pool from the basement. Leofric, however, would not be consoled.

Calling a press conference he explained his latest plan. The plan of all plans to dry out his flooded basement by ridding the world of all its water! Holding a teddy bear and wearing pale blue swimming shorts with yellow duckies on them he proceeded to rant and rave about the glories of the supreme world he would create when the danger of flooded basements was gone.

Wulfric infiltrated the “Outstanding Citizens Warehouse” and found the plans for the convoluted and badly constructed invention that was going to be used to rid the world of its water. Godiva and Leofwine poured over the plans, along with several scientists from the Science Lab. Eventually, they realized how to stop Leofric’s evil plan.

But they were too late. Looking up into the sky they saw a red laser being aimed from a satellite overhead into the ocean. All the water began to disappear. Quickly, the scientists enacted their plan and the laser beam was cut off. But not before most of the worlds water was locked up in the polar ice caps.

In the aftermath of this near disaster many land masses that had once been hidden under water were now revealed. Including Venice Lagoon.

Badly damaged by years underwater, it was no longer relegated to the world of myth, but was now returned to reality. Construction was begun almost immediately on restoring it to its former glory, but there is still a lot of work to do. Large blocks of concrete are missing from the canals resulting in uneven walls that are slowly being repaired. The outlying islands are in the worst shape as oddly shaped coastlines and flooded farmland echo badly the grandeur that was once one of the most powerful nations in the world.

And what of Leofric and his family? They moved to Venice and are now comfortably ensconced in a house without a swimming pool. Leofric’s medication has been quadrupled and Wulfric keeps a close eye on his Uncle, making sure his flights of fancy, remain a little less fanciful as they were in the past."

The world comes from Mod the Sims 2 and is made by NekoCat, who also made Martha Brewster for this world and filled her inventory with tombstones; I added one 64x64 lot to experiment with the Last Venue of Amore.