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Sortner's Malm

A quiet, snowy winter's day in Sortner's Malm. The fishing pond, a popular local spot in summer, now deserted. Just as well, really. When the fish started flying there was no-one to see them.


"Not that way" said Missy.

Reaching for another handle. "Step away from the machine, Koffi."

"I was just trying to be helpful. Don't worry, I've had enough."

"Just go. Get out. I don't want to see you again. Now where have you landed me?"

"Sortner's Malm. Ah, that's from the Viking. Means Dark Metal. I wonder which? Earth. Bah! Still can't escape Earth. The guy with the hair said we wouldn't be able to leave. He really did look dreadful with those glasses on."

The water levels are changed. Must have happened when we landed in the middle of the snowstorm. Tucked my skirt in.

There are some interesting things growing here. The fish will adapt.

Doesn't look too bad, we're reasonably camouflaged there. Not exactly a Des-Res, but it works.

Into town. Railway lines. "I wonder if they have any decent shops? This era should have a good chippie, at least. I hate cooking."


"Science lab? A good place to begin."

"And I need to work off all those chips."

"No, officer, I have no idea about anyone called Koffi. I'm pretty new to this town, but if he was a Master Thief I am sure I would have heard of him."

"And the local buildings? The fishing spot?"

"There were some old buildings here that I took it upon myself to demolish. They were submerged by the winter floods, unsafae and unattractive. I'll send the local Council a bill for demolition services when I get around to doing the paperwork."

"Now, unless there is anything else? I have work to do."


Sortner's Malm is a wonderful world made by Manu on the Sims Daily Forum - sadly that forum has closed now. (It was called Smokey Town).

Missy's lot is from FuzzyLogicDishwasher, with a lot of adaptation.