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Fit VI

The Reaper stayed around to have a pillow fight with Jeromy.

In fact all the ghosts were pretty lively that night. Incidentally, why does Myskaal have orange hair as a ghost?

The next challenge was inspired by a comment of Jesslla's. Tita was actually rather sorry she had to dispose of Jesslla. They had been slowly developing, if not friendship, or at least mutual respect, as only two grouchy, prickly people can. So, Tita decided, this Challenge would serve as a memorial.

She set up four Potions tables.

"Let's see who can produce the best potions. Stink Potions don't count. Too much stink around here already."

Snow, who still hadn't found her clothes, was the first to learn the skill, and her first creation was a Mood Enhancer Potion. So she was the winner of this Challenge and therefore protected. Warning! Drunken gnome.

After some time, Jeromy learned to make a Stink Juice Potion, and Meggie a Liquid Horror Potion.   Jeromy, always ready to try anything, drank a Liquid Horror potion, and got a bad moodlet. "Is that all it does?"

The ghosts clattered around the tables all night, one after another, and seemed to assume their right to each take a bed, which rather defeated the purpose of the dormitory.

Jeromy continued to try to scare people. Snow was unphazed. "Pleased to see me, Jeromy?"

Tita was talking to them again, after doing her calculations.

"The first thing I noticed is that all the Contestants are getting on better with all the other contestants! Maybe it's the hot tub."

"Maybe it's the beds!" said Snow. "We can sleep now. When the ghosts aren't using them."

She nodded. 

"But the bottom line is - it's Motoki. Nice Motoki, sweet Motoki, but he has the least increase, or the most negative score, depending on where along the number line you are. To the Graveyard!"

Motoki died by meteor, which was far less exciting than you would think - partly because SimGoddess snatched back the meteor saying "Ooh, shiny!" But he clutched at his heart and fell down...

For some strange reason, the Reaper brought him back.

He then started announcing, in a loud voice, that he was hungry, and where was the buffet dinner?

Tita gave Motoki an apple to eat while she collected her thoughts. Then she got on the phone to SIMGoddess. "What do we do now?"

"Kill him again. He lost!"

"but but..."

"Do it or I'll drop a meteor on you next time."

"OK, OK. Yes, Ma'am."

Motoki did an odd sort of dance and died. Again.

The Reaper came, and resurrected him again.

"This looks very bad," thought Tita.

She phoned SimGoddess again. "Are you watching?"

"Yes. We will banish him instead. He hasn't won the contest, but I'll move him to a shack somewhere on the island. He gets to live, but he still lost."

So Motoki moved out. Let's take a moment to see where he moved to.

He squatted in an abandoned laundrette, planted the remaining fruit from his inventory in the scrap of garden and took himself off fishing. After a clean-up, it looked nice and bright.

The gnomes, meanwhile, were planning something.