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Update from Acadia

Onan and Livia lived in the large suburban home Oona left to them, while she ruled over the Sunrise Retirement Home.

"I've made the house over to you and Onan. I'm going to stay there with Dave. He is, after all, my husband."

"But he's older than you."

"No matter. I like it there!"

The kids got on about as well as any young couple.

While their mother popped in regularly to see that they were okay and to remind them who was boss.

Meanwhile, much gardening went on.

"Look, she's nearly as tall as you now!"

A new face in town

A star moved into an isolated Korean designed house in town.

He and Onan got on very well. Elvis married his Band Manager, Glenda Keenan.

Back to the Craigs

Dewayne was elected "Most likely to Offend Others!" Truly, no-one knows you as well as your school friends.

The night after Dewayne's graduation, Salaman decided he needed to hold a family conference.

"Oh dear, it's about my coming home late with the police yesterday" thought Nicholaus.

"It's about the cat" thought Jezzer. "She's very old and I am NOT having her put down. Even if she does smell like three-day old socks."

"Don't look at me!" thought the cat. "That was Jeromy!"

Nicholaus tried to hide his feelings by playing with the other cat.

"We were friends when we were at Uni but it's been all downhill since then."

The truth was, Salaman wanted to tell them, he was leaving. Moving out. Going.

"Meh, that's all?" thought Dewayne, going back to his book.

Jacob went to live on a small houseboat.

Continued in Wild Palms