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Other Programs for your Sims 2


Archived as their original sites have disappeared.

The Compressorizer by DJSSims.


Wardrobe Wrangler

The Sims 2 Wardrobe Wrangler Version 1.1!

Original Information

Creator: jfade
Date: April 15, 2008
The Sims 2 Wardrobe Wrangler will help you to do all of the following:

Keep Organized: Manage all your custom CAS related content items, edit them into proper categories, change tool tips, set proper color bins, and sort through your files quickly and easily!
Advanced Functions: Townify, set shoe sounds, and do other things that you would otherwise need a knowledge of a more advanced tool to do.
Orphan Scanner: Scan for orphan meshes or textures.
Edit Genetics: Change genetic properties such as genetic power of skin tones, dominance of eye colors, and more.
And so much more!

Installation Information:

- If you download the installer: extract the EXE file from the zip and run it. It will place all the program files in their proper places, and create a shortcut for you. The manual is included.
- If you download the "no installer" version: extract the zip and it's contents into the folder of your choice, and then launch the "WardrobeWrangler.exe" file to start the program.

Version Information and Download Links:

Current Version: 1.1
Copyright 2008 DJS Sims and the Sims Programming Group

Changes Since Version 1.0:
New Features:

"Clear Deleted Items" Button added to Advanced panel
"Copy To All" button added for Accessory bins. (Requested by millahnna)
New Tray Icon. Anytime the program gets marked as "Busy", the main window will disappear and the icon will appear in the tray. You can then mouseover it to see what it's currently working on. This helps prevent hanging for people with enormous amounts of downloads.
New menu bar at the top of the program.
Minimize to tray option added to Menu Bar.
EXPERIMENTAL: Batch Townify Option added to Menu Bar. (DO NOT PERFORM THIS WITHOUT GOOD BACKUPS.) (Requested by SealJuice)
New option to send all items in the file list to the deletion queue added to Menu Bar. (Requested by witch)
Copy To All button added for category, gender, and shoe flags under the basic properties tab. (Requested by wandersfar)
Free Time Mesh Information added.

Bug Fixes:

Files that are in use by another program will no longer cause program to throw an error. It will instead quietly remove them from the list.
"Suggested Alternate Bin List" now properly stores changes you make with it to the CPF.
YA clothing should now be properly Townified. (Reported by janey845, anaidrabbit, and Gwillewyn)
A few bugs in the Mass Move function squashed. (Reported by witch)
The labels on the filters now reset between folder loads. (Reported by witch)
Items that are just tops or just bottoms will now only be able to be set as everyday clothing. (Reported by witch)
Fixed some bugs relating to skintone genetics. (Reported by omgoblin)
Fixed some bugs relating to upgrading accessories to BV jewelery. (Reported by atreya)
Fixed the duplicate file move bug in the Orphan Scanner (Reported by Wynter)

Behaviour Tweaks:

"Townify" button will no longer be disabled if an item has already been townified allowing you to fix the items you've already townified that were townified improperly causing the clothes to be unavailable to YAs. Instead, the text will simply change to "Already Townfied" if it detects that you've previously townified the item.
Filtering content will now make use of the new tray icon.
Items that are just tops or just bottoms will be labeled as such under "Content Type" at the top of the Basic Properties tab.

Need Help? If you have any questions regarding this program and/or need help getting it to run, please ask in the forums.

Download: (30460 Downloads)
Download: (1337 Downloads)

Requirements: The Sims 2

Sita February 8, 2019