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Links to and information about meshes, policies and clothes downloads for "Bear" Sims. These guys are very similar to the Huge BodyBuilders but "rounder" :)


Honorable Mentions

Montoto for making the Bears in the first place; Marvine for making the Huge BodyBuilders from which these are developed.

Montoto, who made them, was mostly at Gay Sims Club. Most of the Montoto meshes are now archived on the Wooden Simolean as Gay Sims Club is closed.

Meshes and showerproof skins, in a whole range of tones the Wooden Simolean Montoto 22 05 09


Showerproof skintones for these meshes

Showerproof Barbie skintones for male only 


Meshes and showerproof skins the Wooden Simolean Montoto 21 11 18
skins (light) the Wooden Simolean Amun-Ra 21 11 18


Underwear, jeans, uniforms JulieSimsStuff JulieJ 09 11 18
much clothing of all types at Montoto's section of GSC the Wooden Simolean    

Thong underwear for Christmas and all year round

the Wooden Simolean
Mamasimk 21 11 18
Military and Police service uniforms the Wooden Simolean