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Pantharapalli City Hall

Made with all EPs and stuff packs to Mansions and Gardens and may need M&G to work in your game. Only EAxis content used.

City Hall and Offices. The design is very loosely based on a city hall in Holland. The front being glass reflects the city's prosperity and the open-government theme. Transparency is the latest Mayor's motto.

Simple waiting room.

Reception to the right, with central access to all floors via a grand staircase and a lift.

This sparsely furnished City Hall, decorated with a simple, modern open-plan layout, complete with cubicle-style offices and the Executive's own office. (His secretary's almost equally large cubicle is next door so that she can unobtrusively vet his visitors.)

There is a marquee and buffet set up outside to make the most of the summer weather.


Sita March 4, 2016