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Damerel Street

Damerel Street was intended to be a pair of houses - to function as Apartments. You can have them either way, and I would like to say a big Thank You to friends on N99 forum who helped me solve the riddle! (and I would recommend this forum for serious Sims 2 Simmers; there are kind, helpful and patient people there!)

Click on the pictures to see them larger, for more detail.

These houses have lifts and stairs. There are no basements, and as it is an urban Lot, no parking spaces.

Each house has two large bedrooms, plenty of attic space, two receptions, and a large, well-lit attic for more space. They are minimally decorated and furnished. There is a large public garden including a sheltered hot tub at the rear of one house.

Made with all EPs and stuff packs, including Apartment Life and Mansions and Gardens. They DO use quite a bit of M&G material and most likely will not work without that pack.

no2.png (1200769 bytes)

Here's a street view of the two houses. 

rear.png (1044181 bytes)

And a rear view.

Houses 2 and 4, done as two houses on one Lot, it's quite reasonable for the amount of accommodation. 2 and 4 Damerel Street Houses. Done on a 1x3 Lot, it shouldn't be too large for most Simmers' computers.

Download as two homes on the same Lot. This works well for a large family, giving a "granny house". Cost: 146,956

Houses 6 and 8 are let as Apartments; one tenant (with or without family) per house. They let at 4,322 to 4,545.

Download as two Apartments (rentable but separate homes) on the same Lot.

Sita 6-8 November 2010