Sims 1


Please follow the links below to find archives, downloads and information for Sims 1.

Yes! Sims 1 continues.... Sales of Sims 1 and its Expansion Packs continue to grow, even now!

Websites of interest to Sims 1 players - as WELL as all the sites for downloads still available - may include those of many programmers, including Don Hopkins, who, as well as the famous TMogrifier, has other apps and lots of information.

Fora such as Simblesse Oblige are also mines of information; many Simmers of great repute may be found in such virtual meeting places and there are many helpful, amusing or otherwise interesting conversations - some of which are about The Sims!

There ARE lots of sites containing downloads for The Sims and its expansions. Some hacked, some not... one site I am particularly fond of is SimSlice. Look for the Rejuvenation Machines and Slice City, as well as a vast quantity of other, original, and fun items. And for non-hacked objects of great beauty, look for Dincer Hepguler on The Sims Resource, and Parsimonious.