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Some time ago, I rediscovered an old obsession. Though I've never been lucky enough to live in one, I've always loved "prefab" houses, the type that were built just after WWII finished to house surplus servicemen and their families; here in UK when many houses and apartments had been damaged by Blitz bombing, and just because there were lots of men returning to civilian life, who maybe expected it to be at least as good as the Army accommodation.

Some were notorious for being built from concrete blocks. Some were made from what was believed to be safe then, and now known not to be: asbestos, for instance.

Materials being no problem, they make great Sims 3 starter homes!

Here are a few. Downloads are on the relevant pages, follow the links.

Lustron homes. Reading around, I discovered the Lustron houses, which were made in the States from enamelled steel! Like a bathtub! fully formed complete with built-in furniture, cabinets, plumbing etc and all done in lovely pastel shades.

Catford Prefabs These were built in the UK around 1944 to rehouse returning service families and families bombed out during the Blitz.

Modern Pre-fabricated homes, many are made from shipping containers.

January 2016: Finally managed to obtain more information on Prefabs, so watch this space!

Sita January 6, 2017