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Full Bodied Businessmen's Association

My Brzowski criminal employers really NEED to get fit! And a place to plan and scheme. The town needs a gym badly too.

You see it here pictured alongside the wonderful Simcatti Industries Business building, which is from the Monte Vista world, but it would fit equally well by one of the Criminal buildings. Or of course could have one of Jynx's rabbithole rugs; I have buried a Criminal lot in the sub-basement so the lot as it stands will work as both Criminal and Business rabbithole.

If you install it without Monte Vista installed, I suspect the game will substitute a base-game Business building. In Edit Town mode, you can move those around or substitute one that looks better.

Every Sim is welcome to the new Gym; but all employees of the Criminal career are required to attend regularly.

It is reached from the ground by a pair of lightly concealed ladders.

Gym, and bathrooms, and showing the lovely entrance arch (by Luna). Moat with gondola ensures privacy.

On the second floor, viewing area for plans for world domination and old films, dartboards for the development of throwing skills, table tennis...

The Theachen sisters, Lupa and Yaga, (werewolf and witch) went there to play table tennis. No, they are not criminals at all!

The basement has a couple of things to change one's appearance, a master bedroom and some Murphy beds for henchmen who have to lie low.

The ground floor has a place for smelting down those stolen jewellery pieces precious metals into untraceable ingots, and hot-tubs for getting to know one's co-conspirators.

And the magnificent roof conceals a few items. Laser cannon pointing straight at the Town Hall, of course, and stuff for planning heists. The gondola works and the whole thing has been playtested :)

There is some Store content here, decrapified. (I decrapify all my Store content, works better that way) and one Luna arch, the filename is Luna_ArcoA Riad, included.

Made with all expansions and stuff packs, in particular with Monte Vista, the Last Venue of Amore and the Movie Stuff Pack installed. The fence on the roof is from the Mother Russia Set.

This is a lot that goes particularly well with the style of Monte Vista, or my Brzozowski buildings.

The lot is an odd size, 30 x 60. If you have a larger lot, it will work. Or you can use the cheat I use - with AwesomeMod installed, open cheat box and type addlotsize 30 x 60.

Download the Lot: FBBA Ltd.


The Theachen sisters - Yaga and Lupa Oyster, were made by Theachen on The Sims Daily forum and are available to download from here.

Sita September 26, 2016