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Uberhood Update 25: The Ottomas Family

Samantha Ottomas had been in hospital for ages, very unwell, through most of her last pregnancy. Finally her twins, Marty and Faye, were born. It was time to be brave and go home to husband and family.

Now her other two young children, Tommy and Sharla, had been taken away by the Social Services. So they improved and renovated the old house, making it large enough for a big family. Peter was now earning well,. having transferred to Counter Intelligence which suited him surprisingly well.

They applied to get the children back, but this could take some time: when they were taken away Sharla had been a child, and Tommy a toddler. She had not been able to keep in touch with them from hospital, but missed them terribly.

Dora, meanwhile, was still working as a Substitute Teacher.

And Dora got sacked from her work as a Supply Teacher for eating more of the kids' candy than they did.

More importantly, she discovered that Betty Goldstein and Catherine Viejo, a co-worker, had fostered Tommy and Sharla.

David, now a strapping teen, set off for College.

The Ottomas house after renovation.

Betty Goldstein and Catherine Viejo were old friends who lived in Riverview. They had fostered Sharla and Tommy Ottomas. Both children had won scholarships to Private school and were doing extremely well, and Sharla was very good on the piano.

Catherine, also a Supply Teacher, and meets the same problem Dora had - aka Mrs Moorington. When called to substitute for her, she discovered, as Dora had, that Ms Moorington had been buying good behaviour from her classes with sweets.

She started to write a book - The Evils of Modern Schooling, which was about the misuse of sugary treats for children. And it did rather well!

Dora, now she was no longer at school, allowed her hair to grow. She went to see Catherine and Betty, and as they were looking for a lodger, decided to move in with them. It would be more peaceful, she thought. Twin babies were so noisy, and she found now, as she was growing older, she was glad to be quiet at times.

Shasta and Tommy were to return to their parents. As they lived quite close, they all would be able to visit regularly. Shasta would still go to Catherine for her piano lessons, and Dora would be close to her family.

Peter arrived home from work to find his children had arrived!

Well, Marty and Faye became toddlers. Here's Marty with Mum. This picture is in the downstairs nursery, complete with Peter's beercan mobile.

Phoenix Gothier also moved in as a lodger with the old ladies. But he found it quite difficult living with so many Sims, as he was pretty used to being a solitary bachelor. Also it was fairly noisy as Dora Ottomas tended to be completely involved in her TV game most of the day.

He was flattered that Betty took an interest in him, and discovered they had a lot in common.

"I had given up on finding anyone - but Betty, you're special. Would you like to make a little home with me?"

So Phoenix and Betty bought a pretty bungalow, very close by.