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Konigsberg 3

The Ottomas family

They bought a tiny, rather dilapidated house on Winner Street. Peter, being the handyman that he was, worked on improving it.

After some time, they built a tiny parking space behind the house, where he could keep his truck.

Dora became friends with Neil Cameron. They found they had common interests.

Grandma Dora fell heavily for Neil Cameron and decided it was time to get her own place: the house was just too tiny to fit any more Sims, so they moved together to a house down the road.

He was a Drill Instructor and looking to retire and do something a little less strenuous. He took a job as a rat keeper.

They had a major fire in the kitchen and Neil was roasted.


"Yes!" She pleaded with Reaper and got him back, and they installed a fire alarm.

After resurrection, he was still rather scorched.

Teaching her to play chess.

Marvellous view from here, we should make the most of it.

Once they had completed the renovations of the house, son and daughter-in-law came to visit.

They had to try out the new hot tub in the back garden.