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Hosted here purely for convenience. I've tried to contact the original site-owner several times and got no response. If anyone objects to my hosting them here, please contact me.

Note: I am not claiming any ownership, I did not make these files, but was an enthusaistic user of the site, someetime contributor. I'm just glad they still exist!


EPs required if any     Filename
Sir Laphelot's Espresso Multiple Espresso Machine

Price: §550
Full Strength: Max Energy, Fun 1, Bladder -3
Half Strength: Half Energy, Fun 1, Bladder -2
With just the click of the mouse, the player can change the color of this object to Green, Pink, Dark Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow or Purple... while in the game! You choose the color - it doesn't just flip through the colors like in the preview pic above. This technique was developed by Candall of Candlelight Sims. Also a special thanks to Lyn from Similarity Sims for allowing the use of her espressos in this object -- the (re)colors you will see are from her.

Sir Laphelot's Canning Station

Requires Hot Date

Canning Station for Visitors

Price: §815
Statistics: Cooking Skill
By Sir_Laphelot (with inspiration from mgbit). Watch townies, tourists and neighbors willingly slave away to make preserves for you, then either sell them or (even better) gather them up as free gifts to give to others (even the ones who made them for you)! Requires Hot Date (and if you have Unleashed, Superstar or Makin' Magic, you'll also need the "Visitor Skills" Fix from our Programs & Patches page).

Slice City

Requirements: I don't even know if you can find the original Sims CD anymore, but if you have it, then you must also have at least an expansion pack too (any expansion pack will do, as they all share the same files this uses). Or if you have any of the Deluxe packs installed, you can use this too. It is recommended that you have Livin' Large (or any of the Deluxe packs) if you intend to use the numerous new gameplay features in our Addons (below).

Power Plant Price: §100 (in Electronics)
Power Plant Statistics: Room 10

City Road Object Created by: Sir_Laphelot & Homeslice
City Road Price: §1 (in Decorative)
Building & Structure Statistics: Fun 3; Room 2 (negative Room score when in rubble)
Citizen Statistics: Fun 7; Room 3

Extra Special Thanks to Sir_Laphelot, whose tireless effort on the City Road helped make version 1.2 a reality.
Thanks to Jeanne for providing translations for Dutch users and beta testing on the Dutch game version.


The Power Plant starts the game, it's in the Electronics section of Buy Mode. Place it anywhere on your lot to begin. Only buy one per lot for best gameplay. If this is your first time here, please read everything below carefully. You can also buy the City Road Object - a flat road tile that, when put end to end to form roads, can spawn traffic at rushhour times.

Slice City - "the other city that never sleeps"

This city is awake and alive with hustle and bustle 24/7! Citizens use businesses, homes, parks, etc. for work and play, and these all cost you money to maintain. The happier the little people are in their habitat, the harder they will work, and the more profit you will make from them. Well-maintained cities can encourage more citizens to move in there. This will not only increase your population, but also your city size... and your profit margin. Cities that are neglected or not well-maintained will cease growing, or slowly deteriorate until they are nothing but piles of rubble. Using the various "disasters" (including a tornado option) can do that in much less time. ;) So to maximize your worker's output, keep all structures "refurbished". Your citizens may even help you do that on occasion too. And if you need more help, ask The Gardener. :)

The citizens also need power from the Power Plant to do any expanding. The Power Plant started in the "ON" position, but you can "Power it down" (by clicking on it) to stop your city from growing any further, and to keep your daily profits/costs stabilized (good for those that like the small town feel). "Power it up" again to allow for potential growth to resume (good for those that like the larger city life). City costs, profits and growth (if any) are calculated each midnight (between 11:55pm and 12:05am).

On a related note: This in no way compares to the SimCity games, which we are obviously fans of and highly recommend. This is just a mini-game influenced by aspects of it, to (hopefully) extend your enjoyment of The Sims. So for additional enjoyment, please check out SimCity, made by Electronic Arts, additional details are available via the official SimCity website.

Special thanks to Forum member KingSpore and the other members for helping come up with the name "Slice City."

Simslice Presents...

Slice City:
" A game within a game..."

(newest version 1.2)

Made by: Homeslice
In Game price (Power Plant): §100
Category: Electronics
Building Statistics: Fun 3; Room 2
Citizen Statistics: Fun 7; Room 3
Slice City - "a game within a game". Grow and manage a realistic mini-city on your lot, that comes complete with little citizens scurrying around, business buildings, homes, parks, traffic, etc. etc. Sims work to maintain the buildings and pay city costs, and happy citizens will expand the city and pay taxes (which your Sims earn as income). Slice City attracted a lot of press this year and has been described as "SimCity inside The Sims". It was spotlighted on The Sims official site when it was first introduced, and has been written about by Wired Magazine, BBC News, and many others. Click here to read the press articles. Or download it for free here and try it out for yourself.

Click here to download Slice City (current v1.2 = 3.92mb)

Download Instructions for Slice City:
Click download link at the top to download Slice City v1.2, zipped by Winzip. Please close all other programs before downloading. We recommend not using Simzip, or any sims-specific program to unzip it, as these are reported to sometimes corrupt certain object files.

It is very unlikely, but if you experience crashes or freezes for some reason, there is probably another cause so please consult our FAQ before contacting us. Please read below & also the enclosed "readme" file for important game play information. Thank you and we hope you enjoy! :)

Slice City: Air and Space Port

Extra goodies for "the game within a game..."

Requirements: First, you need to download Slice City if you haven't done so already. Next, click on any link below to download extras to add to your Slice City!

With this Package, you can take Slice City to even greater meta-levels than ever before, while managing a bustling mini-airport and mini-spaceport in your very own city! To start: the Control Tower coordinates runways and helipads where airplanes and helicopters can launch and fly over the city (and around the lot). Citizens can skydive, import/export goods, and travel to & from exotic new places... even outer space!

NEW! -- Air & Space Port Package -- NEW! This marks our eighth add-on package for Slice City, and it is by far the most complex (and I believe most fun) one made to date -- it takes Slice City to entirely new meta-levels! It contains 16 new game files, all interacting with each other in a complex way designed to make a realistic mini-airport and spaceport function in your city. Aircraft fly over your city, and citizens can finally trek through outer space! (even Sims can't do that!) Citizens can "make first contact" with alien citizens from cities on other worlds, and gain new and interesting city workers... and roommates! There is so much more in this package too!

Statistics: Fun 2; Social 2; Room 2; and much more!
Buy Mode Price: §130 each Buy Mode Category: Electronics (enabled on all lots)
Requirements: Slice City game

Total Number of Files: Sixteen (16)



Slice City

Casino District



Slice City Ca$ino District!

Download Casino District add-ons!
Casino Weevil Slice of Valhalla Resort and Casino The Neon Arch Resort and Casino The Royal Llama Casino Slice City Gaming Commission Slice City Community Theatre

Slice City Extra Trees



Posted March 2004:
Download single tree add-ons!

Made by Joshua C. (with credit to Aunt B). Click link above to download. Three different trees to help accentuate your Slice City Landscape. Cloned from trees originally made by AuntB. Object Placement flags adjusted by Homeslice. Works with any version of Slice City. See Joshua C's site for more of his creations.

Slice City

Seaport Pack

Posted February 2004:
Download Seaport add-ons!

Made by Homeslice. Click link above to download. This is one of my favorite addons -- new Seaport Piers for your city! This takes the sea faring life farther than the Marina took it. Now your citizens can dabble in the import and export business and the many highs (and lows) that come with it. New interactions, objects and gameplay included. Plus several new surprises. Works with version of Slice City. Hope you enjoy it. :)
Slice City DC Landmarks

Posted February 2004:
Download Landmark add-ons!

Made by Homeslice. Click link above to download. Now your Sims can talk to their Slice City citizens! (in a limited way). Use the Slice City Hall (shown above in center) to consult with the City Council about the construction of potential new landmarks. New gameplay features and surprises included! Washington DC-themed landmarks include: Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, U.S. Capitol Building and the White House. Works with any version of Slice City.

Slice City Marina


Made by Homeslice. Click link above to download. New seaside Marina -- your lil' citizens can finally take to the water! A busy city will see an active marina... and little boats actually sail around your lake or pond! Fun interactions with the Marina and the boats included. Works with any version of Slice City.

Download Marina add-ons!
Slice City Garage Crossroads and Trees

Updated March 2004
Download Garage, Crossroads and Trees addons!

Made by Aunt B. Click link above to download. Tired of the cars seeming to drive off the edge of the road into nowhere? Place one of these parking garages at the end, and improve the aesthetics of your busy city. Trees and crossroads also included. Hover mouse over the pic to see them highlighted. UPDATE: Object placement flags adjusted by Homeslice so Sims can work around them easier. Also, the garage now illuminates at night, just like our other buildings. Works with any version of Slice City. See more of Aunt B's creations at her Sim Stuff by Aunt B Yahoo group.
Slice City Highway Sign


Download Highway Sign addon!

Made by Homeslice. Click link above to download. New green Highway Sign to accentuate your city roads. Fun surprises included too. Works with any version of Slice City